Friday, August 5, 2011

Illustration Friday-Imperfect

The word for this week's Illustration Friday assignment is "imperfect." Now I ask you, who or what is more imperfect than the idiots (from both parties) who supposedly represent all of our interests in Washington?...So I decided to show my reptilian version of a typical U.S. political hack.

No sketch prep work on this. I just started sketching on an open top layer in Photoshop. Once I had a decent working sketch I set that layer's (named "linework") properties to "multiply." I then created a separate layer, named it "color" and put it underneath the linework layer. All the color work can be done on the color layer while preserving the sketch on the top layer.

I hope you like it.


AHAviews said...

I DO like it - great design, and your explanation is helpful - did you blank out your sketch layer afterward, or is it in there somewhere too? I especially like how the colour layer appears painterly, rather than the slick even surface of so many digital illustrations - grabs the eye better, I feel. Nice work.

Tim Williams said...


Thanks for the comments...I did leave a great deal of the line work in there..I feel like it adds some texture and grittiness to the art. The only areas where I erased the line work was where I felt like it was intrusive and not in that major light flare to the right of the politician.