Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This job was kind of fun. Business Tennessee magazine has me illustrate their Small Business section each issue. The article this month was about watching your competitors in business. The article stated how it's a good thing if your competition is doing well because it lifts your entire industry.

The first sketch I did was just a generic "people scrambling up a hill" take. Blehh. I liked the balance but this approach had nothing else going for it.

This second sketch is getting closer. I was starting to get some interaction between the people, but it somehow looked too balanced now.

This is the sketch that the art director approved. He wanted me to move the far right balloon closer to the viewer and change the balloons into light bulbs to represent ideas. I liked the position changes but have to admit that I wasn't crazy about the light bulb revision.....

Here is the finished illustration. The new art director for Business Tennessee likes this particular style of illustration that I do so the Small Business section will have this style from now on. All in all I was pleased with how it came out. More importantly the art director felt the same way.

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